Tech Guide: How to Choose the Right Size Messenger or Laptop Bag

This can be a very confusing and time consuming area . As consumers we are spoilt for choice however it is not always easy to know how to choose the best messenger and laptop bag that will look after our tech and gear.

Firstly to get an idea of the size of messenger or laptop bag choose the biggest item that you will be putting in to it.  Logically that will be a laptop however we have also seen some pretty big textbooks, folders and work portfolios as well.

When measuring your laptop screen (or folder etc.) take a measuring tape and place it on the bottom left corner and measure the screen up to the top right corner. This will be the size of your screen.  Measurements for screens are almost always in inches.  So you will end up with a number e.g. 14 inch and that is the size of bag that you need for your gear.    

At BeSmashing where possible we provide a tech guide size in inches for each messenger. 

To get a rough guide of the size of your tech, check out our quick reference guides below:

We would love to help you with your laptop and messenger bag needs

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