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  • Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

    Upgrade your time management, embrace efficiency, precision, and style. Experience the convenience of timely reminders and accurate timing with our  Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock.

    This mechanical alarm counter clock is a versatile companion for various activities like cooking, sleeping, outdoor sports, and work. Made with durable ABS material, it offers a wide timing range from 0 to 99 minutes and 0 to 55 seconds, allowing precise timers for different tasks.

    The timer stands out with its magnetic installation feature, enabling easy attachment to metal surfaces like blackboards or refrigerators. Its LED digital display shows clear numbers for quick and accurate time tracking. The rotating regulation feature allows effortless adjustment in 5-second intervals.

    The timer supports both counting up and counting down modes, making it suitable for different situations. Its electronic timing design ensures silent operation, making it ideal for studying or workplaces requiring silence. Powered by three AAA batteries, it can last for approximately 1,000 timings, providing long-lasting performance.

    The compact and lightweight design of the timer makes it highly portable, and it offers three volume settings to adapt to different environments. It is a convenient and efficient tool for managing time effectively and staying on track during various activities.

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    Macie Harvey

    Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

    Jesse Koch

    Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

    Lauriane Boehm

    Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

    Clare Jast

    Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

    Vernice Roberts

    Rotation Countdown Timer & Stop-Clock

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